date_range 06 - 07 MAY, 2017

8º Tattoo Convention Pirmasens

room Messe Pirmasens GmbH

directions Messegelände, Zeppelinstraße 11, Pirmasens, Kreisfreie Stadt Pirmasens



The big highlight of every Tattoo Convention Pirmasens and well known beyond the German tattoo and piercings scene is our independent tattoo contest during the two event days. Awarded are high-quality trophies, every Tattook artist, who is the exhibitor of the Tattoo Convention Pirmasens. Prerequisite: Any tattoo that is to participate in the contest must have been engraved on site during the Tattoo Convention – completely. Pre-prepared tattoos are excluded.


Pascal Rodermund of Shorty’s Tattoo from MemoryPascal Rodermund of Shorty’s Tattoo from Memory

This year, the tattoo contest will also be awarded three cups of a trophy every day. Three places are awarded per category. On the second day the tattoo is awarded with the highest score. We also award an honorary prize for special achievements in tattoo- and piercing business.

Contest Saturday

Best of black & gray – 1st place / 2nd place / 3rd place

Best of color – 1st place / 2nd place / 3rd place

Best of small- 1st place / 2nd place / 3rd place

Contest Sunday

Best of black & gray – 1st place / 2nd place / 3rd place

Best of color – 1st place / 2nd place / 3rd place

Best of small – 1st place / 2nd place / 3rd place


Best of Show – Tattoo with the highest score

Honorary award – for special achievements

The jury

The tattoos have to face the critical glances of our three-piece jury. These consist of the painter who appreciates the artistic work as well as two scene-known members who judge technique and overall impression.


And I – Allrounder, Ols School, New School – Pirates Art of Tattoo

Babz – Old / Neo School, Graphic, Mandala – Burning Cubes

Belle – Old School, Comics, Lettering – Buzzin Needles

Corinna – Mandala, dotwork – Schizo

Daniel – Allrounder, Watercolor – Rated R Ink

Dennis – Japan – Delirium Tremens Ink

Gerald – Allrounder – Buzzin Needles

Guiseppe – Full realistic, color, portrait, skulls – INK in BLOOD out

Ingo – Allrounder – Jekyll and Hyde Tattoos

Jay – Allrounder – Studio Chopped

J-Del – Mandala, dotwork – Hasta la Muerte Tattoo

Kevin – Allrounder – consequence

Klaus – B & G – New Ink Generation

Lovis fisherman – B & G, Color, Realistic – Black Castle

Manuel – Old / New School, Blackwork, Watercolor – Naxos Ink Tattoo

Martin – Allrounder – Studio Chopped

Mirko – Allrounder – Shorty’s

Sabina – color – Delirium Tremens Ink

Salva – Realistic, B & G, 3D, Portrait – Red & Black Tattoo

Sejos – Fotorealism, B & – Hasta la Muerte Tattoo

Tobias – Allrounder – Lifetime Drawn

Tom – Allrounder – Studio Chopped

Wolly – B & G, Psychedelic, Mandala – Burning Cubes

apostolos – Realistic, B & G, 3D, Portrait – Shorty’s

Soren – B & G, lettering, photorealism – Bonnie & Clyde

Tom – Linework – Shorty’s

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