date_range 13 - 15 NOV, 2015


room USF Verftet

directions Georgernes Verft 12, Bergen, Hordaland



Welcome the early 1990s… To the beginning of the Norwegian Black Metal scene, to the grimness, the feeling, the art, the music…. And welcome to the darker side of tattooing,- to 19 tattooers from around the world, gathered in Bergen, Norway, to trade their skills with the bands!

BlekkMetal is a non-profit event. The bands play for tattoos, the tattooers tattoo for concerts, and any profit from this weekend goes back to the attending artists, musically or artistically.

In addition, the audience will of course have the possibility to get tattooed by our 19 tattooers!

By day, from opening time to 8 pm, there will be a tattoo convention all 3 days, and throughout these hours there will be an open exhibition with artists relevant to the scene of black metal, tattooing or both, movies will be shown in the cinema and the stage in the convention room will offer different entertainment like contests, interviews and Spoken Word.

At 8pm the concert venue opens and at 9 pm concerts starts. 8-10 bands will give our 500 ticketholders a special and unique experience!

Here is the daily schedule for our bands! They will play from 21:00 but the sets will vary in length, so for now you will get the bands separated in days, not excact times:

Friday: Enslaved, Aeternus, Gehenna, Hades Almighty and Gaahls Wyrd

Saturday: the C.L.A.S.P. ritual, Old Funeral, Helheim, Kampfar and Taake

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