X-Angelus Tattoo Studio

room Eastgate Street, Llanidloes, Powys 🇬🇧

schedule Miércoles
11:00 - 17:30arrow_drop_down

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X-Angelus studio was originally opened by our award winning artist Jase Jones 9 years ago. Jase has over 15 years of experience in the tattoo industry and has a love for all things artistic, he is known for his realistic tattoo's and being a little grumpy in the mornings ;-). Nick joined the team over 6 years ago and has over 8 years of tattoo experience, Nick loves all things inky and particular loves dotwork at the moment. He also has been know to sing at his clients so you get more for your money :-). Pauly has been with us for a couple of years and has been tattooing for over a year now out of his apprenticeship. He is particularly partial to bright color. All tattoos are designed in house and we never do the same tattoo twice. We take your idea and make it unique for you. We work around the country guesting and at conventions so if you cant catch us at the studio why not ask where we will be next. We also host some amazing guest artists who bring their award winning ink to our studio so keep an eye out for who's joining us. We are proud of our team and all their achievements and the way they keep the X-Angelus name flying high our tattooists are artists first and aim to give you the best ink you can get as they all specialize in transferring your collective vision on to skin. So get in touch for some fun and some ink. THE ONLY LIMIT IS YOUR IMAGINATION.

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