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Offering original, unique, custom, fineline, freehand, portraiture, coverup & repair work. I do not pierce, and no minors or inebriates are admitted. I have nothing to do with 'tattoo parties', nor do I offer employment, apprenticeships, supplies or equipment.

Call in advance if you intend to visit as I run a single-artist operation and when I'm working voicemail answers calls. I return calls asap. My door is always locked as I do not welcome interruption. Rest assured, you will be given the same attention and focus when it's your turn.

Cost is determined by a number of factors including, but not limited to; placement, detail, size, resolution, and projected time, therefore I do not quote a set hourly rate. Quotes are only made in-shop. If I must venture a rough estimate for the sake of booking your appointment, I cannot be held to it should the work exceed the estimate .

Appointments are only booked with a deposit. Again; NO piercing, parties, minors or drunks; NO exceptions. 24 hour notice MUST be given to reschedule. Deposits are not refundable. If you are half hour late, this will be deducted from the cost of your tattoo. If you are running behind, a call is appreciated. If you have allowed a nonprofessional to tattoo you, see a physician, do not call me.

I am frequently sought out by folks who are looking for an image that doesn't exist and requires drafting, and/or sometimes clients will bring an assortment of images that come close, but are not the exact desired design.

Availability of a pre-existing flash is not only unnecessary to craft your tattoo, but generally undesirable if you want something truly unique.

For examples of some of these one-offs, just go to; and peruse the home (100 images) and More Tattoos pages.

Of course, there are some on Myspace as well.

To be tattooed, do NOT be sun (or UV) burned, pregnant, nursing, have alcohol in your system, on high levels of blood thinner, hungover, infectious, or immune-compromised or deficient.

DO be, well-rested, food in your stomach, relaxed, disciplined.

I care very much about the quality, application and process of work, so your focus is essential.

If a drunken 'bonding' experience is your desire, I am not who you seek.

Originally from L.A., then various points east, I was a freelance artist & musician before taking up the trade as an independent in '91. I worked underground in San Francisco, then visited Albuquerque, and spent over a decade in Oregon's oldest shop, before returning to Baltimore. My features include Tattoo Savage, Outlaw Biker Tattoo Revue, Tabu Tattoo, and the NTA Newsletter, as well as radio, TV, book & newspaper coverage and countless published photos of my work.

I maintain my Oregon Health Division License and a high awareness of Bloodborne Pathogens and Cross-Contamination through courses and seminars including, but not limited to; Infection Control & OSHA Essentials, HIV/AIDS for Health Professionals, and further studies from accredited providers of continuing healthcare education. I offer original, custom, freehand, fineline & portraiture with the care of a perfectionist. I encourage you to search libraries, museums, and wherever inspiration lies for your unique creation.

Additional Notes:

Some time ago it was brought to my attention there are those who comfort themselves by

casting aspersions in my general direction. Since my feelings regarding exclusion are so

controversial they were pulled, I restate; I got into this not to jump on any bandwagon or be 'cool'.

After years of pressuring (I was already considered an artist and sought no vindication- see partial resume) I finally acquiesced to this career at the behest of a loved one, the only person whose opinion matters. Here was an expression of and for the ostensibly profane, and ultimately the sacred, whatever the means.

Tattooing classically was done to set oneself apart from the herd, not

to join them. I neither claim nor desire kinship or affinity with any

variety of 'hip', trendy, or pretentious status schools.

I am an outsider because THIS IS WHAT I CHOOSE.

If this offends you; GOOD. Direct your attention elsewhere.

If you understand, Welcome!

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