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I grew up in Flint Michigan.I wanted to be an artist from a very early age. When I was 20 a friend convinced me to get my first professional tattoo. After getting a real tattoo I realized that tattooing was a true art form and that I wanted to tattoo. No one would allow me to apprentice under them so I taught myself. This was very

slow, It was hard and the absolute wrong way to learn this art. However it was the only way I had as an option. When I was 25 I was fortunate enough to land a job with Joe Saterwhite a successful artists who had worked across the country including Good Time Charlie’s with Jack Rudy.He unlearned me of my mistakes, polished me up, and gave me direction.

Eventually my wife Candy and I opened our own shop Almighty Tattoo in Grand Blanc Michigan in 2003. Owning my own shop I had to learn every style of tattooing to please a wide variety of clients, but particularly enjoyed realism. No surprise years later my favorite type of tattoo to do now is a mixture of realism with abstract imagery.

Worried about my longevity I became obsessed with light weight machines. I tried about every light weight machine I could. Even many high-end rotary machines. Their limitations brought me back to traditional coil tattoo machines, and eventually to Borg tattoo machines. Andy and Brandon are dedicated to excellence and achieve it better than any other machine builders I have tried. They, unlike other builders, want constant feedback from the artists using their machines to make their machines the best.

As other machine companies take the approach that they know how you should tattoo and ask you to adjust to their machine Andy and Brandon ask how you tattoo and adjust the machine to your style. The machines themselves are strong, balanced, lightweight, and versatile with the ability to accommodate any set-up. I love these machine and primarily use the aluminum frames.

Kyles Ink Master Bio

Kyle Dunbar is a self-taught tattoo artist who hasn’t built his reputation on being the nice guy. He says that he worked at almost every tattoo shop in Genesee County, MI, his hometown, only to have been fired from every one of them because of his abrasive attitude. Dunbar dislikes tattoo styles with strict rules and prefers to create his own world of “badass art” where he can control gravity and twist reality to his own liking. Dunbar opened his own shop Almighty Tattoo in 2003 with his wife and has clients coming to him from all over to get inked in his signature extreme realism tattoo style

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