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I have always been extremely creative with both my Dad and my primary school head teacher helping me to be as artistic as I can. My Dad has always been creative and pushed me to be creative in my own way, he hates tattoos but still pushed me to keep going.

I have studied art in one way or another throughout my life and I am even a University graduate, BA with Honours in Product Design.

It was at Uni however where i found my love for tattoos by finally (after many changes to the design) getting my first tattoo. After this I was hooked and started designing them for friends and learning as much about tattoos as i could. And then when i graduated i decided to leave the world of design and go into tattooing.

I searched and searched and finally got an apprenticeship. I guess you can say from there I have just been learning constantly, Improving everyday.

Over the last few years I've been gradually developing my own style of tattooing. My artwork is influenced by "trash polka" style tattoos. However I have added my own twist to the style, being influenced by my history in graphic and product design and an extra more "grungy" twist. If I was asked to give a name or description to my style I'd call it Abstract Graphical.

As well as this style I do take on most styles of work but i do have a love realism most.

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